Reclaim Your Queenhood

TRUTHFUL & IN LOVE:  Heal all dynamics of your relationships. You will receive insight into the reason you keep attracting the same relationship. Guidance to help you remove blocks and attract a new relationship or heal the relationship you are currently in. And most importantly, create a new found relationship with yourself! 

Desire to leave a Toxic Relationship 

Are in a Toxic Relationship 

Are unsure if you are in a Toxic Relationship 

Want to heal from Codependency 

Going through a Divorce 

You want to have better boundaries in relationships 

Need to heal from an Abusive relationship 

Want a healthier relationship with yourself


HEALTHY & FABULOUS: All things BODY.  Dissolve any body issues and Struggles with: 

Anxiety around food 

Weight Loss/Inflammation


Autoimmune Disease

Digestive Issues  

Not eating enough 

Eating to much 

Starving yourself all day then eating a big meal at night 


Feeling guilty about everything you put in your mouth



Whatever food and body issues you have struggled with, we will address them and get to the root of why. Nutrition, Recipe and Supplement suggestions are available. 


POWERFUL & ALIVE: Discover your true passions and purpose. Cultivate the steps to get you moving in a new career or create space to start on a creative project you have been dreaming of! 

You desire to live a creative life 

Get clear on your passions and dreams 

Manifest your dream job 

Leave a job that is no longer serving you 

Have more fun in your daily life 

Connect with high vibe people that have the same interests


Know when you are on the right path of living a soul-filled life 

Make the right decisions on career and business

Together we will create the road map to your new creative filled career or business! 


Reclaim Your Queenhood and feel Truthful, In Love, Healthy and Fabulous!!

Schedule a call with me below and we’ll talk about your goals and how to get you there.

Quick-fix One-time Session

$150 for a one-hour session with me

Reclaim Your Queenhood 90-day Program

$1500 investment for 1:1 work with me

  • 12 weekly sessions

  • One hour per session